country code for scotland

country code for scotland

Calling the Land of the Loch Ness: A Guide to Scotland’s Country Code
Scotland, with its dramatic landscapes, rich history, and friendly locals, is a dream destination for many travelers. But before you start planning your whisky distillery tours and kilt shopping sprees, there’s a handy bit of information you’ll need: the country code for making calls to Scotland.

Unveiling the Code: +44 for Scotland

Unlike some independent nations, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. Therefore, the country code for Scotland is the same as the UK’s overall code: +44. This means whether you’re phoning a charming bed and breakfast in the Highlands or a bustling pub in Edinburgh, you’ll use +44 to connect.

Making the Call: Beyond the Country Code

Once you’ve got the +44 code down, here’s what you need to complete your Scottish phone call:

International Dialing Prefix: This is the code you use to 5 Good Reasons to Consider HubSpot CRM for Your Business exit your own country’s phone network. It’s typically “011” in the US and Canada, and “00” in many other countries.
Area Code: Scotland, like many places, has specific area codes depending on the region you’re calling. Edinburgh, for example, has the area code 131, while Glasgow uses 141. You’ll find the area code included with the phone number you’re trying to reach.

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Here’s an example to put it all together:

Imagine you want to call a hotel in cheap phone number for business Inverness (area code 146) from the United States.

You would dial:

011 (US exit code)
+44 (Scotland country code)
146 (Inverness area code)
Local phone number (e.g., 789567)
Dialing it all together would look like this: 011 +44 146 789567.

Top Tip: Skip the Leading Zero!

When placing your call, be sure to omit any leading zero that might be present before the area code in the Scottish phone number. This zero is only used for internal dialing within Scotland and won’t work from abroad.

Calling Scotland: A Gateway to Adventure

With the country code in hand, you’re now one step closer to chatting with the Scots and setting your travel plans in motion. So get ready to be charmed by the accent, explore the historic sites, and experience the magic of Scotland!

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