how to dial scotland from us

how to dial scotland from us

Calling the Land of the Loch Ness: A Guide to Dialing Scotland from the US
Calling friends, family, or business associates in Scotland from the US might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite straightforward! With a few simple steps and the right codes, you’ll be connected in no time.

Cracking the Code: Dialling Essentials

Here’s what you need to know:

Exit the US: Every country has a unique exit code to initiate international calls. From the US, you’ll dial 011.
Scotland’s Welcome: The country code for Scotland (and the UK as a whole) is 44.
Area Code: Similar to the US, Scotland has area codes for different regions. You’ll find this 2-5 digit code before the local phone number. Here are some examples:
Edinburgh: 131
Glasgow: 141
Aberdeen: 1224
Inverness: 1463
Pro Tip: If you’re unsure about the area code, a quick online search should provide the answer.

Local Phone Number: The final piece of the puzzle is the 8-digit local phone number you’re trying to reach.

Putting it All Together:

Now that you have the ingredients, let’s build the dialling recipe!

Here’s the format:

011 (Exit Code) + 44 (Scotland Country Code) + Area Code + Local Phone Number
Example: Calling a mobile phone in Glasgow:

011 + 44 + 141 + xxx xxxx (replace xxx xxxx with the mobile number)
Bonus Tip: You can also use a plus sign “+” instead of “011” for the 200 authentic English expressions and phrases used exit code. This is a universal format that works on most mobile phones.

200 authentic English expressions and phrases used

Making the Call:

With the complete number dialed, hit that call button and get free number for business ready to connect! Remember, Scotland is several hours ahead of US time zones, so be mindful of the time difference when placing your call.

Speak Freely, Explore Further:

With this newfound dialling knowledge, you can now connect with Scotland seamlessly. Whether it’s catching up with loved ones or conducting international business, these simple steps will pave the way for smooth communication.

Ready to explore Scotland in person? Researching destinations, flights, and local attractions can be a great next step. Happy travels!

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