The Ultimate Guide to Working With B2B Influencers

The Ultimate Guide to Working With B2B Influencers

Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to imagine a B2C influencer, right?

You might think of the ones you follow on social media who tell you about their latest clothing collab. Or what teeth whitening products they use.

But what springs to mind when you think of a B2B influencer?

The picture is definitely less clear. But we reckon influencers can play a big role in. In fact, we have been using them to build our ‘media machine’.

Don’t worry, we’ll get into what we mean by this – and more! Keep reading to hear insights from Cognism’s VP of Marketing,.

B2B influencers: who are they?

But how are people like this beneficial for B2B businesses?

Well, for one, they are already an established on a specific topic. Plus, they have their own (often large) audience of people who follow and trust what they say.

And they can help businesses, like we’ve done at Cognism, to create content that fuels the media machine.

Liam explains:

“What we mean by media machine is the consistent flow of relevant, value-adding content. We want to act more like a media company than we do like a tech company.”

B2B influencers can bring a lot to the table when it comes to contributing towards content. Below are four examples.

1. Lending their professional authority

Answer this question:

Who are you more likely to take advice from? A content marketer writing articles online? Or someone who’s an expert in the field being discussed.?

The person with experience, right? Well, exactly. That’s what your B2B influencer can help you to add to your content. Someone who has the authority and respect to be talking about your subject area you don’t know much about.

Liam says:

“Let’s face it, most B2B content is rubbish and dry because it’s been written by a content manager who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

In other words, it’s all regurgitated content, recycled from other articles from other content managers who also haven’t experienced the topic they’re writing about for themselves.

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